Draft Experts Project Jacksonville Jaguars To Make At Least 8 Dumbass Decisions During Draft

07 May


With the NFL Draft fast approaching, countless draft experts are projecting the Jacksonville Jaguars to make at least eight dumbass decisions over the course of the draft. “It’s a given,” Mel Kiper Jr. of ESPN said on an hour long draft special, “this is a franchise that is especially gifted at making boneheaded, dumbass decisions and I would be shocked if we don’t see at least seven, maybe even eight of those kinds of moves.” Todd McShay, the show’s co-host, agreed, and it was the only point that the two found common ground on during the entire hour. “Absolutely,” McShay said, pointing to a big bulletin board which listed a handful of possible terrible errors the Jaguars could make during the draft, “anyone of these awful managerial moves could be made by the Jaguars and, honestly, we could see all of these at some point during the whole draft.”

Bill Simmons of Grantland echoed these sentiments, offering “trading up to draft an overrated wide receiver who doesn’t fit their scheme” and “drafting a kicker with their fifth round pick” as potential fuck ups for the Jaguars to achieve during the draft.

Peter King of MMQB also made comments on the inevitably fucking retarded choices the Jaguars will make, saying that “[n]one of the players they pick will pan out, and at least six members of the coaching staff will lose their jobs and ruin their home lives in the next two years because of this draft.”

At press time, there are rumors that the Jacksonville Jaguars are thinking of trading some of their positively shitty ideas to draft and run a professional football team to the Cleveland Browns.

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