Man Has Heart Attack Immediately After Ordering A KFC Double Down Sandwich

11 May


Tragedy struck an Ohio KFC when Quinton Morse, 28, suffered a heart attack immediately after ordering a Double Down sandwich. The once thought healthy 28 year old reported to have extreme chest pains and shortness of breath after he ordered the sandwich, which includes two slices of cheese, two slices of bacon, wedged between two pieces of fried chicken. “The moment he got the words Double Down out of his mouth, he started grabbing his chest and got this panicked look on his face,” said Jasmine Reyes, the cashier who took Morse’s order, “That usually happens a lot around here, so I just did what I normally do and asked him what he wanted to drink with it. That’s when he collapsed.”

This is the 4th such incident in KFCs across the country, causing the FDA to wonder if maybe the Double Down poses some health risks. “It’s certainly something that blindsided us,” said Eugene Crocker, head of the FDA, “With the calcium provided by the two slices of cheese and the protein supplied by the bacon and fried chicken, we actually were optimistic about the health benefits.” Until the FDA’s investigation concludes, the Double Down will still be available to order at KFCs, although there are some rumors that a completed doctor’s physical may be required upon purchasing of the item.

The FDA is also said to be investigating Taco Bell after recent reports of a man succumbing to explosive diarrhea after he commented aloud that he could “sure go for a 5-layer burrito right about now.”

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