Study: Something You Do Everyday Is Killing You

09 Jun


Early this morning, a study was released by a group of scientists and doctors that revealed that something you do everyday is, in fact, killing you. Whether it’s drinking too much coffee, soda, and/or skim milk, eating things with aspartame, inhaling too much secondhand smoke or putting your cell phone to your ear too often, the study says that “something in your daily life is going to be the direct result of your probably long and painful death.” The doctors and scientists were sure to add that removing the offending action or habit from your routine is the smart choice, but that you will inevitably replace it with something “just as fatal” so that there’s really no point. The study also mentioned that things such as “waking up” and “going outside” are probably going to lead to something that can kill you as well. The study concluded by saying that doing absolutely nothing for as long as you can is probably the safest course of action.

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