Pennsylvania Man Turns Into Roseanne Barr After Getting Flu Shot

25 Apr


Warren Houser, 25, of Reading, PA, has reportedly turned into Roseanne Barr mere days after getting a flu shot. “It was pretty weird,” Houser told reporters, his once gravelly voice now replaced by the higher pitched cackle of Barr, “I got the shot and felt fine. I went to bed, and the next morning I’m Roseanne Barr.” Houser said this is his first time getting the flu shot and that he has to wonder if the vaccination was the cause of the sudden transformation. “I mean, process of elimination means it has to be the shot right?” Houser conjectured. “I haven’t really done anything else out of the ordinary. I tried a new generic brand of baked beans, but I don’t think that could be it. I’ll have to keep my ears open to hear if they have a recall or something.” Houser admitted that the transition has been “awkward at best” and that he hopes the effects wear off at some point. “I’m still me,” he assured reporters and various doctors, “I just look different. It’s been difficult adjusting, especially when I look in the mirror because…you know…I’m Roseanne Barr.” Houser says he will now think twice about getting vaccinations or shots in the near future. This incident is not unlike another earlier in the month, when a baby sprouted eagle wings and learned to fly after getting a mumps vaccine.

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