Cleveland Cavaliers Planning On Wasting Number One Overall Pick In Draft For Third Time In Four Years

23 May


In a recent press release, the front office for the Cleveland Cavaliers have announced that they intend on wasting the first overall pick in the NBA draft for the third time in four years. “To get the first overall pick in back to back seasons and for the third time in four years is something to be cherished,” said David Griffin, GM of the Cavs, “and we intend on fulfilling this once in a lifetime opportunity by completely wasting it.” Griffin says he isn’t quite sure how they’re going to throw away the top pick in one of the deepest drafts in recent memory, but that they’re looking at every possibility. “Right now we’re thinking of maybe taking someone with character issues,” Griffin explained, “but the idea of taking a player with injury problems definitely appeals to us.” No matter what the team eventually settles on, Griffin says he is “100% confident” the player will only play in Cleveland for four to five years before leaving to go to a team that has a chance at a championship.

At press time, several of the top prospects in the draft who are projected to potentially be the number one overall pick, such as Joel Embiid, Andrew Wiggins, and Jabari Parker, are scrambling to find a way to re-enroll in college and play another year in the NCAA instead.

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