Mel Kiper Jr. Found At Connecticut IHOP Ranking Menu Items On Giant Poster Board

08 Mar

mel kiper espn

Diners at a Connecticut IHOP found themselves unsettled as a loud and excitable Mel Kiper Jr. ranked the restaurant’s menu items on a giant poster board. “You gotta love the upside of the stuffed french toast. Creamy, great texture, unbelievable value for the price,” Kiper was heard yelling, talking to an invisible camera crew. “I’m not so sold on the strawberry banana pancakes though,” Kiper continued, pointing out how the item’s draft stock fell after “several off the plate incidences.” “If you’re willing to take the chance on them, you have to know you’re in for a high risk, high reward scenario.”

The IHOP’s manager tried to kindly force the ESPN analyst out of the restaurant, but Kiper instead ignored him and had a one sided conversation with a pillow with Chris Mortensen’s picture taped to it. “I’m telling ya Mort,” Kiper exclaimed to the pillow, blowing off the manager’s attempts to get his attention, “there are a lot of people out there who are taking bacon over sausage links as their side of choice. I can’t blame them. Crispy, greasy, great crunch. It’s tough not to see why people are jumping on the bandwagon for this kid.”

Diners said that Kiper only stopped his hour long rant when Todd McShay came into the restaurant to argue Kiper’s stance of powdered sugar being the best topping for waffles.

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