NFL Weekly Roundup: Week 5

08 Oct



-Tony Romo had a dazzling performance on Sunday, throwing over 500 yards in a pinball style duel against Peyton Manning and his Broncos. The effort was all for naught, however, as Romo threw an interception late in the 4th quarter which helped seal the win for Denver. In another shocking development, scientists have discovered that pie is delicious.



-Other big news from the Denver/Dallas game is that after the game Denver released their punter, citing that they have no need for someone at that position.



-Andrew Luck continues his incredible season, this time leading his Colts to a big upset win over the supposedly juggernaut Seahawks. This continues to be one of the great feel good stories in the NF. The Colts have been starved for a franchise quarterback for years so it’s great to finally see them have one in Luck.



-Browns QB Brian Hoyer has been playing great for the the past two weeks, leading them to two wins and looking like a possible QB for the future. That came to a tragic end on Thursday, however, as Hoyer suffered a season ending knee injury because Cleveland Browns.



-In one of the more bizarre stories from this weekend, the Chargers and Raiders were forced to play their game at 11:35 eastern time because the Oakland A’s played the night before and apparently it takes a full day to paint some lines on a field. This change in time caused a hit in viewers, as only 30 people watched the game as opposed to the 50 people who would have watched it at its normal time.

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