Man Discovers New Ice Based Contact Sport On TV

05 Oct



Late last night, Frank Donovan, 43, of Easton, PA, suddenly discovered a new ice based contact sport on his television. “What’s this?” Donovan thought aloud as he saw this new sport, which had two teams of five skaters trying to get a black object into a guarded 4 foot by 6 foot net. “Is this a movie?” Donovan wondered as the one team calling itself Islanders scored a goal against a team calling itself the Devils. “Ohh, neat,” Donovan mused as a red light began blaring shortly after this apparent goal. “I wonder what this is called,” Donovan mumbled as a player in several layers of padding sprawled out to stop the black object from getting past him. Donvoan was interested in watching the rest of this foreign game, but decided to finish watching the Cup Stacking Competitions on ESPN instead.

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