NFL Weekly Roundup: Week 3

27 Sep

The Week 3 installment of the NFL Weekly Roundup:


-Antonio Brown had a monster week, catching 9 catches for 196 yards and 2 touchdowns. Why does Ben Roethlisberger have so much confidence in Brown? Roethlisberger says he loves throwing to Brown because Brown is the best on the team when it comes to “catching the ball,” “running routes,” “getting open,” “blocking for whoever is pretending to be a running back on that specific play,” and “knowing which way the endzone is.” Big Ben also added that Brown “makes a heck of a macaroni salad.”

-At the end of the Lions game, Lions head coach Jim Schwartz threw his headset on the ground in angry and demonstrative fashion. When asked why he showed such emotion after the win, Schwartz claimed he was angry at the headset, and explained, “All day I was hearing voices from the earphones, saying, ‘Jim, that’s a terrible idea, we can’t do that,’ or ‘Jim, what you are thinking, that’s a terrible play call.’ I showed that headset who’s boss!”

-The Jacksonville Jaguars traveled to Seattle, only to get demolished by the Seahawks, 45-17. This now puts the Jaguars at 0-3. Reports have come out of Jacksonville saying that the front office has already begun contract negotiations with Jadeveon Clowney.

-Geno Smith and the Jets played the Bills this week and pulled out a victory, winning 27-20. This now puts Geno Smith at 2-1 as a starter, but since those two wins came against the Buccaneers and Bills, he is still technically seeking his 1st win against a professional football team.

-Last night on Monday Night Football, the Broncos easily handled the Raiders, winning 37-21. Perhaps even more impressive was that the Broncos were able to win despite breaking out into fits of uncontrollable laughter every time the Raiders attempted to do something on the field.

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