U.S. Soccer Team Clinches World Cup Berth With 2-0 Blowout Over Mexico

11 Sep


The U.S.A. soccer team clinched a World Cup berth with a 2-0 blowout over Mexico. “I can’t believe we blew them out so badly,” US soccer player Landon Donovan told reporters at a press conference after the game, “it’s like they didn’t even bother showing up.” Fellow US forward Clint Dempsey was also shocked at the lopsided victory, claiming he never thought he would see the team “have such an unstoppable offense” and that he wouldn’t be surprised if the US scored “three whole goals” at some point during the actual World Cup. Dempsey also said he hoped the game wasn’t too boring for fans and that even though the game was clearly out of reach at 1-0, he hoped fans still watched to see the second goal that completely decimated the hope of any sort of competitive contest. Because of the one-sided nature of last night’s game, FIFA is considering putting a mercy rule in for any game in which a team goes up 1-0.

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