Little League World Series Players Suspended For Violating League’s Yoo-hoo Abuse Policy

23 Aug



The Little League World Series has some controversy surrounding it, as three of its players have been suspended due to violating the league’s Yoo-hoo Abuse Policy. Three child athletes- Dale Crawford, Ace Madsen and Jimmy Vincent- were caught obtaining and drinking more than four bottles of Yoo-hoo each in a locker room shower just hours before an elimination game. “There’s just no place for that in the sport,” Little League commissioner Joshua Blythe told reporters, “we’re trying to make sure these kids aren’t taking in more than their daily value of sugar, and here we have blatant disregard for that rule.” A clearly disgusted Blythe shook his head and added, “And how do they expect to make their bedtime tonight? They’ll be bouncing off the walls.” The three kids gave a tearful testimony and asked for forgiveness, stating, “We’ll never do it again, we promise.” This news adds to the growing list of suspended little league players, as just a few days ago eleven year old Earl Chelsea was suspended two games for calling an opponent a “poophead.”


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