Tom Brady’s Spraind Knee Tells Reporters That He Was Paid By Tim Tebow To Suffer Full ACL Tear

16 Aug



A hit to Tim Tebow’s pure image may occur, as Tom Brady’s sprained knee has reported that he was paid by Tebow to suffer a a full ACL tear in a practice this past Wednesday. “He came up to me, not only offering money, but salvation,” Tom Brady’s knee told reporters, “and I was real tempted to take the bribe and religious cleansing. I was super close to tearing apart on that fall Brady took in the scrimmage, but I couldn’t bring myself to do anything beyond a mild sprain. I just couldn’t go through with it.” Tom Brady’s knee assured reporters that despite some mild discomfort, he should be fine and that he hopes Tebow doesn’t take too much blame in the public eye. “Listen, I know it’s pretty shady what he did,” the flesh bound collection of ligaments, bursae, cartilage and menisci explained, “but he seems like a pretty good guy. He’s just a competitor who wants to play, and he won’t be getting on the field if Tom and I are healthy.” Despite Tom Brady’s knee’s appeal, this will only add to the controversy surrounding Tebow after backup quarterback Ryan Mallet’s brain came out and revealed Tebow paid it off to concuss itself in the Patriots’ preseason opener.



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