Rick DiPietro Traded From Islanders To Wawa For Free Week’s Supply Of Iced Tea

03 Jul



The NHL offseason has been full of surprise moves, but none as surprising as the Rick DiPietro trade. The Islanders traded their injury prone backup goalie to the convenience store chain Wawa for a free week’s supply of Iced Tea. Islanders coach Jack Capuano said the deal was tough to pull the trigger on, but that he thinks that it will benefit both parties in the long run. “Obviously you forge a relationship with your players and its tough to see him go, but I think the refreshing taste of Wawa tea will really benefit myself and my players for days to come.” Capuano admitted the deciding factor was when Wawa allowed him to choose any combination of tea flavors that he wanted over the week long period. “We have some decisions to make,” Capuano continued, “I’m a fan of their Raspberry tea, but John Tavares has a real taste for their Diet Green Tea. No matter what we decide, it’s an exciting future for our franchise.” Meanwhile, the convenience store chain says they look forward to having DiPietro stocking their shelves and working the register and hope that someday he can be behind the counter making meals ordered from their touch screens.



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