Wimbledon Officials Unprepared For Rainy Conditions

28 Jun



The prestigious and highly popular Wimbledon tennis tournament is underway in London but things have been hectic as the Wimbledon officials have been unprepared for the rainy conditions. Reginald Cunningham, head groundskeeper at Wimbledon, expressed his dismay at the sudden rain. “We were totally blindsided by something like this,” Cunningham said, shaking his head at the dreary, gray cloud cover, “We fully expected beautiful, sunny, 70 degree weather and instead it’s cold, damp and quite depressing looking. It’s really interfering with the play and audience’s enjoyment of the tournament. I can’t remember a Wimbledon tournament ever facing such a rainy forecast.” Cunningham then recounted how, during a cloudburst, he and his fellow groundskeepers struggled to get the tarp on the court in time, saying, “We barely have to use this thing. We didn’t know which way was which and, needless to say, the court got pretty soggy because of it.” Fans too were disappointed, as one was overheard saying, “Of all the weekends it has to rain in London.” The tournament was almost postponed due to the weather, but officials decided to have everyone power through it for the sake of tradition. This news is similar to the recent announcement that the 5th inning of the Los Angeles Dodgers game was stopped when minor tremors surprised and shocked all in attendance.


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