Miami Heat Win Proves All One Needs To Achieve Something Is Rare, Incredible Talent

23 Jun



This past week the Miami Heat won the NBA Finals against the San Antonio Spurs, providing a memorable lesson to kids everywhere that all you need to succeed is to be obscenely, otherworldly talented. “I love winning the championship not just because it’s the NBA title, but because it allows me to continue to be a great role model for kids,” ecstatic Heat superstar LeBron James said after the game, “Life really is what you make it, as long as you have an insane amount of talent like I have and the ability to team up with other incredibly talented people.” Teammate Dwyane Wade echoed those sentiments, saying he hopes all the kids gain all the valuable insight from the Heat win, saying, “When you’re struggling with something, just remember that all you need to do is either be born with the natural, God given ability to handle the problem with skill or find other people with remarkable talents to help you solve the problem so you don’t have to worry about it.” The players also hoped that kids and young adults took note of what happened to the Spurs after they tried to achieve their dreams through hard work, dedication and determination to overcome tough odds, calling them “a cautionary tale that should help others avoid bitter defeat.”


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