Peter Dinklage Officially The Only Good Thing To Come Out Of New Jersey

21 Jun



After the tragic passing of James Gandolfini this past week, a huge void has been left in the world of Hollywood and acting. Perhaps an even bigger impact from his untimely death, however, is now that Peter Dinklage, of Game of Thrones fame, is officially the only good thing to come out of New Jersey. “It’s pretty depressing,”,New Jersey resident Jeff Brown said, “we had Gandolfini and Dinklage to brag about, and now it’s just Dinklage.” Brown continued to lament, trying to brainstorm other positive things that New Jersey has contributed to this country but was obviously at a loss. “I mean we have Wildwood,” he continued, “but a lot of states have a beach and then there is White Castle but that’s starting to pop up in a lot more locations now too. And Bruce Springsteen? I lose sleep every night knowing I live in the same state he was born in.” Dinklage himself said he was proud to have the honor, but that he would rather people not bring attention to the fact that he is from New Jersey.


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