Alex Smith Feels Like He’s Back At College, Literally

05 Jun



The Kansas City Chiefs OTAs are marked by the arrival of new quarterback Alex Smith, who had spent his entire career as a San Francisco 49ers. When asked how he enjoyed his new surroundings, Smith said, “It’s like being back in college, literally.” Smith elaborated on his statement, saying, “At San Francisco, I had great position players, a stalwart offensive line and a coach who always had advice for me. Now I’m in a place where players barely know what they’re doing, like they only just started playing the game. The dropped balls, the ill timed routes, the constant threat of getting sacked. It’s like I’m back at school, playing with raw, unrefined college age talent.” On his new coaching situation, Smith says Andy Reid doesn’t talk as much as he “spits scraps of food in my general direction and makes weird moaning sounds, like a walrus giving birth.” Smith then ended on a lighter note, saying that with the “child-like incompetence” around him, that he doesn’t have to worry about losing his job to someone like “that smelly jerkface Kaepernick.”


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