Mark Sanchez Excited To Compete For 2nd String Quarterback Job

23 May


The New York Jets OTAs began this week and there was a buzz in the air from quarterback Mark Sanchez. Mark Sanchez’s infectious enthusiasm stems from his excitement to, in his words, “compete for the backup quarterback position.” “Last year was a tough year,” Sanchez told reporters, “I came prepared week in and week out to turn the ball over, to consistently fail 3rd down conversions and to provide no leadership for my teammates. But Tim Tebow was just such a bad QB, I could never get that 2nd string spot.” Sanchez speaks of Tebow with unbridled admiration, stating, “He is my idol. To be as bad as he is and to constantly keep that 2nd string position despite outcry from fans, Jets ownership and the media is a dream of mine. I hope one day I can be as bad as him.”

Sanchez’s happiness turned to frustration later in the day when he threw 3 interceptions in one scrimmage. “I could do that in my sleep,” he muttered under his breath, shrugging off his teammates as they tried to console him, “gotta work less.” The frustration deepened when Geno Smith, the Jets’ 2nd round draft pick, threw a pick six in his turn with the offense. Sanchez shook his head, but tried to put on a strong facade for reporters. “They always say competition brings out the worst in people. I know Geno is eyeing that 2nd string spot too, and it’s up to me and my lack of ability to make sure I’m the one who gets it.” Sanchez downplayed any bitter feelings between he and Smith, and even said that he is excited to “hang out after the practice, and swap Pog collections.”

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